28 November 2014

...Defining Case Study Research

Definitions of case study research design are as numerous as the books written on the subject. This post aims to draw together some key definitions of case study research, in an attempt to clarify the aims and purposes of this approach to social inquiry. As usual, I also share a reference list including suggestions of recommended sources for further information.

20 November 2014

...Reflective Journals

I often recommend that teachers keep a reflective journal, to support their ongoing professional development. This brief post describes the What? Why? & the How? of reflective journal writing, and includes an explanation of the value of this particular approach to learning.

06 October 2014

...Possessive Apostrophes

Accurate placement of possessive apostrophes in formal written English continually baffles and befuddles some people. What is the problem about signifying what belongs to whom, and whether there is just one 'whom' or several of them? Perhaps the ability to understand and apply these particular principles of punctuation accurately goes deeper than classroom learning... 

06 February 2014

...Interview Day

I have recently received a flurry of emails asking me for advice about impending job interviews. Of course, since these emails have been from teachers in training they are having to consider not only the traditional face-to-face discussion of knowledge, understanding and skills, but also the prospect of teaching an observed 'demo' lesson. So here are some brief thoughts for teachers approaching the inevitable interview day.

14 January 2014

...The Havering-UEL ICT Partnership

I'm currently sitting in the ICT suite of Mawney Foundation Primary School during a school-based training day for trainee teachers. I'm surrounded by trainees from the University of East London (UEL) busily planning the lessons they're due to teach after lunch. There's a great sense of enthusiasm and some fabulous ideas are being developed. It's an example of the good that can come from schools and universities working in partnership in the development of new teachers. This post describes some features and benefits of this teacher training model, developed between UEL and four schools in the east London borough of Havering.