11 April 2011


For a number of years I had been considering adding to the world's 152 million* blogs on the Internet. My introduction to twitter (encouraged by @sharoneden, 'Just start tweeting, Daniel!') meant that I was exploring the nature of self-broadcasting, & settled quickly & comfortably into tweeting & re-tweeting education-related posts, links & articles.
But what to blog? Continue to share (re-share?) other people's links?
Well, for me there seemed to be an initial, straightforward decision between personal or professional. Having said that, twitter already blurred this simple division of interests when I became aware that Stamford The Lion twittered. Also, I am aware that successful bloggers, & micro-bloggers alike, share a little personality... consciously or unconsciously.
For instance, Diana Adams' conversational easy-access style (example: trying to translate humour online) makes her writing highly consumable... share-able... re-tweetable... and of great value to novicebloggers like me!

04 March 2011


After one or two trials & the odd erroneous attempt, have recorded first podcast...
Yes, have taken first tentative steps toward broadcasting self around globe.  Should add, made the decision to podcast some years ago. Until this point however have been more comfortable 'lurking' enthusiastically behind the web pages, blogs & podcasts of others.