11 April 2011


For a number of years I had been considering adding to the world's 152 million* blogs on the Internet. My introduction to twitter (encouraged by @sharoneden, 'Just start tweeting, Daniel!') meant that I was exploring the nature of self-broadcasting, & settled quickly & comfortably into tweeting & re-tweeting education-related posts, links & articles.
But what to blog? Continue to share (re-share?) other people's links?
Well, for me there seemed to be an initial, straightforward decision between personal or professional. Having said that, twitter already blurred this simple division of interests when I became aware that Stamford The Lion twittered. Also, I am aware that successful bloggers, & micro-bloggers alike, share a little personality... consciously or unconsciously.
For instance, Diana Adams' conversational easy-access style (example: trying to translate humour online) makes her writing highly consumable... share-able... re-tweetable... and of great value to novicebloggers like me!

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