29 April 2013


I frequently come across heated online discussions about how to make the best use of technology in the classroom. Recent themes include:
How to get the best use out of an interactive whiteboard
The impact of introducing tablets into schools, and
All children in all schools must blog, because...

However, as perhaps with all things education, the arguments eventually boil down to the conclusions that have already been drawn. Echoes of the understanding we developed when we trained to teach... That, it depends... It depends on every teacher managing learning in their classroom, enabling continuity between home and school, utilising real-world tools, and making learning meaningful for their pupils. The broad principles are shifting, as technology redefines our communities, but our priorities are surely defined by what our younger generations need from us.

We do need to remind ourselves, once in a while, of the theories which underpin effective education. Yes, they apply to our digital world as pertinently now as they did when I unpacked my first 'home' computer. Drawing together these theories, and how they relate to our current education system, the all things teacher education blog will be of interest to many of us. Importantly, the the next time you come across one of those heated discussions, it'll help you see through the idiom to the theories which underpin effective learning & teaching.


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