27 January 2015

...Academic Citation & Referencing

We've adopted the Harvard referencing system at the University of East London (UEL).  It's a system which emphasizes authors' names and publication dates.  It compiles references alphabetically in a single reference list at the end of a piece of work, rather than utilizing footnotes throughout.  An example of its use can be found below.

As might be expected questions and queries come my way regularly, concerning punctuation, syntax and particular conventions.  So I felt a page collating advice and examples might be just what was needed, to help support writers in using the Harvard system consistently. Examples are provided to demonstrate in-text conventions, and how sources should be referred to in a reference list.

23 January 2015

...Meeting A 'New' Class

Looking back over the time I spent working in primary schools one of my strengths was my ability to establish most classes quickly and efficiently.  When called upon to cover lessons or to step into a colleague's shoes I tended to manage it with minimum disruption.  So this post is simply aimed at gaining an understanding of how I might have achieved it, to serve as guidance for teachers in a similar situation - teachers needing to rapidly form positive, productive relationships with a 'new' class of pupils.

18 January 2015

...Student Perspectives on Case Study

Last week my students developed their understanding of case study.  I asked them to do some independent reading and in their taught sessions I provided them with a range of sources which attempted to define the research approach.  They were to identify key themes and characteristics of case study...  I then gave them just ten minutes to create one-minute presentations for their peers.

Here is a sample of the work they produced to support their presentations. (Click on an image to enlarge it.):