24 March 2015

...Research in Teacher Education [RiTE]

Since 2011 the Sir John Cass School of Education and Communities at the University of East London has been producing the RiTE journal - Research in Teacher Education.  This brief post aims to introduce RiTE, provide some background to the publication, and describe some of its successes.  Please read, share... and consider contributing your work to the publication! 

Research in Teacher Education, published in both hard copy and online, is a biannual journal focusing on issues of teaching and teacher training.  It was first released in the spring of 2011, conceived as a vehicle for discussing secondary teacher education.  By the second issue the scope of the journal had broadened to include early years, primary, secondary and post-compulsory age phases. 

Articles have covered a diverse range of subjects, written by UEL staff and students, and a distinguished list of guest contributors.  Authors have included teachers in UEL's partnership schools and leading international academics.  However the publications continues to aim to act as a forum for informed debate and discussion on all aspects of teacher education, by all stakeholders.  RiTE's readership consists of visitors from over 100 countries.  Beyond the UK it is India, the USA and Germany accessing the journal most frequently.

Since the release of the second issue - the autumn 2011 edition - web statistics have been collected.  To date over 5,000 visitors to the journal's website have generated around 18,000 page views.  Over 4200 article downloads were recorded in the past year alone, including 3000 downloads through ROAR (the institutional repository of open access publications at the University of East London).   The latest edition (Vol 4:2) went ‘live’ in December 2014 and at the time of writing has already resulted in around 1000 page views, visits from at least 20 countries, and article downloads in treble figures.  Approaching 2000 downloads to date suggest that RiTE is a valuable addition to education literature.

Should you, or school-based colleagues embracing research, wish to write articles (or simply review books) for RiTE then please either contact Gerry Czerniawski (RiTE's editor), any member of the editorial team, or send your details to me via the contact box adjacent to this page.

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