A Classroom Experience

These straightforward questions are designed to prompt you to think about a specific aspect of your practice, and how to improve it.
Record a classroom experience, under these 4 headings:
  • What I did: e.g. I explained how children should set out their work.
  • Why I did it: e.g. I wanted to improve the appearance of their written work.
  • What was good about it: e.g. I spoke slowly and carefully and answered their queries using child-friendly language. My pedagogical knowledge was good.
  • What could have been improved: e.g. I need to ensure that every child is paying attention before I speak.
(Hayes, 2011, pp.121-122)

Hayes, D. (2011) 'Establishing your own teacher identity', in Hansen, A. (ed.) Primary Professional Studies. Exeter: Learning Matters, pp. 118-133.

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