Learning about Playing

This set of questions is based on those provided by Whitebread (2012), to help reflect on and evaluate our involvement in play-based activities with young children.  Clearly they are designed with Early Years practitioners in mind but, I feel, serve to prompt valuable reflection in any professional interacting regularly with young people.

Now, think of a time you participated in play with children. Remember to think or write freely and honestly...
  • Did you facilitate the children's play? If so, in what ways?
  • To what extent was the children's play changed by your presence?
  • Were you the centre of attention, or one of the group?  How did this come about and what were the consequences?
  • Were the children pleased with your involvement? 
  • Did the children talk to you about the game and its rules, or unrelated topics?
  • What (else) did you learn about the children? (Abilities/understandings/interests/feelings/concerns/relationships.)  
Whitebread, D. (2012) Developmental Psychology and Early Childhood Education. London: Sage.

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