Pupil Progress

The following questions are for educators.  They were developed to help new teachers attain the professional Teachers' Standards for Qualified Teacher Status (QTS).  They prompt trainee teachers to consider the impact of their teaching and focus on the progress that their pupils make.  However, these are questions that every teacher should be asking... every day.

Pick 3.  Write down your thoughts about each, and implications for your future practice.
  • What impact have you had on pupil achievement this month/week/day/lesson?
  • How do your pupils' achievements compare to your expectations?
  • How do you seek to use assessment to move pupils’ learning forward?
  • How effectively have you used pupil self- and peer-assessment?
  • How do you use questioning to help challenge different pupils?
  • What evidence do you have that your teaching builds on pupils' learning needs?
London Providers Harmonisation and Development Group (LPHDG) (2012) Areas for Discussion: TS2. LPHDG. Available (via Sheffield Hallam University) at: http://www.roehampton.ac.uk/uploadedFiles/Pages_Assets/PDFs_and_Word_Docs/Courses/Education/NewStandards%20(ITT)%20Colour%20A4%20booklet%20(Sheffield%20Hallam%20wtih%20London%20Providers).pdf

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