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This page presents examples of how various sources might be presented in a reference list using the Harvard academic referencing system. This resource is designed to support accuracy and consistency when engaging with a range of sources.  Constructive feedback welcomed. Subscribe or check back for edits and updates. See also ...In-text Citations.

Your reference list should be set out alphabetically, by author. There is no need to use bullet points or numbering. Each source you refer to in your text must have a reference. Each reference should acknowledge the author, the title of the source, the publisher and the date it was published. In the case of a book this is really very simple. For example:
Cooke, M. (2008) Events management. 2nd edn. London: Prentice Hall.

Referencing Examples...

A book with a single author in its 5th edition:
Bell, J. (2010) Doing your research project. 5th edn. Maidenhead: Open University Press.

A book with multiple authors:
Smith, J., Jones, W., March, M. and Chapman, B. (2004) Harvard citations in easy stages. London: Academic Press.

An article from an academic journal: 
Haddock, M. (1994) ‘Are you thinking of writing a bibliography?’, in College and Research Libraries News, 55(8), pp. 471-474. 

An edited book: 
Ayres, D. (ed.) (2013) The Primary PGCE Professional Studies Reader. London: Sage.

A specific chapter from an edited book:
Jones, D. (2004) 'Understanding Harvard referencing', in Brown, P. (ed.) Writing references in extremely easy stages. London: Academic Press, pp. 21-25.

A webpage with a single author:
Ayres, D. (2013) Critical Incidents. Available at: http://danieljayres.blogspot.co.uk/ (Accessed: 27 January 2015).

Final Notes...

Treat organisations (e.g. the Department for Education, Ofsted, the NCTL, etc.) as the author where appropriate, and order alphabetically. So, DfE would follow Bell but precede Ofsted.

References and further reading

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