Reflecting on your Schooldays

Remember the time you spent in school. Your own education had an enormous impact, during your most formative years.  Despite this, the significance of your experiences can be lost as you leave those days behind. (Often gratefully, I suspect.)
It is particularly important for teachers to consider their schooldays. We must identify the assumptions about, and accepted approaches to teaching and learning, that may have shaped our own pedagogy.  Ewens suggests a few questions which might serve as 'fruitful starting points' (2014: 3) for prompting critical consideration of your own education, and the impact it may have had on your professional practice.
How typical were you of the pupils in your class?
What do you think were the aims that underpinned your teachers' endeavours?
What did the curriculum consist of?
What methods of teaching and learning were employed?
Did you think that some teachers were better than others? If so, would other pupils have agreed with you?
(Ewens, 2014, p.3)

Ewens, T. (2014) Reflective Primary Teaching. Northwich: Critical Publishing

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