The Essence of your Work

This simple exercise is one of my favourite, and is taken from Gillian Bolton's 'Write to Learn' approach to reflection. It's an 'unplanned, off-the-top-of-the-head' writing strategy, designed to shed light upon unnoticed and/or unquestioned professional incidents. Her approach helps us affirm, challenge, gain insight, and develop understanding of our professional identity (Bolton, 2010).
Write an 'unsent letter' to a young child - real or fictional - telling them about your job.
Re-read & edit carefully, considering the age of the child.
Reflect on the vocabulary you were required to use, and the thoughts and feelings this process generated.
(Bolton, 2010, p.68)

Bolton, G. (2010) Reflective Practice: Writing & Professional Development. (3rd edn.) London: Sage.

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